19 8 / 2014

Been away for a while but back a ready to wrestle some of today’s big issues.

07 4 / 2013

What a shock, Texas isn’t “corrupt, callous, racist, theocratic, stupid, belligerent” or dangerous.  Despite what Gail Collins thinks.

03 4 / 2013

Rarely seen a debate where people hold views so divergent. Based on his body of work, I tend to rely on VDH’s assessment.

31 3 / 2013

Anybody who doesn’t recognize the war on religion has not been paying attention.  The gay marriage issue is less important than what it represents as a beach head from which to continue attacks on religion.  A constitutionally recognized right to same sex marriage will bring with it attacks on nonprofit status and claims of constitutionally impermissible discrimination where churches will not recognize or officiate gay marriages.  Ironically, Cesar Chavez, devout Catholic, would probably be bother by these development as well.  

25 3 / 2013

I would be interested to hear a distinction made between civil unions, providing all rights for homosexual couples at the federal and state level, and marriage.  My only concern regarding this topic is that if gay marriage is deemed a constitutional right any religion that fails to recognize gay marriage will be found discriminatory as a matter of law and find itself losing tax exempt status and targeted with litigation.  The ramifications of this are far reaching and would set in conflict freedom of religion and the newly discovered constitution right to same sex marriage.  I have struggled to find a precise definition of marriage that distinguishes it from civil union which troubles me.  If we defend the separation of church and state, as well as religious freedom, then one would imagine a state sanctioned union with full array of legal rights and protections would address the concerns of those seeking a legally recognized union with members of the same sex.  Anything more strikes me as more concerned with attacking religion than advancing individual rights.

As an aside, it is laughable to characterize people as “brave” at this point in the history of gay rights for supporting gay rights.  

04 3 / 2013

Capitalism is the greatest cure for poverty the world has ever known, until governments get involved.


04 3 / 2013

Don’t stray too far off the ideological reservation.  Bill Keller in the NYTs.  As always, read the comments to get a sense of the blow back generated by even the gentlest criticism.


03 3 / 2013

Increasingly, if someone takes positions different from one’s own there are attempts made to strangle the debate by attacking the opposition as immoral or, in this case guilty of a hate crime. This is a tactic of the left and cannot be condoned. This is the path to totalitarianism. The concept that reasonable people can disagree is central to free speech. Free speech is central to democracy. Tell me why my ideas are wrong, spare me the conclusory personal attacks. If the ideas are wrong it should not be difficult to rip them apart, making an attack on the holder of those ideas unnecessary.


25 2 / 2013

Anyone else tired of this crap?  Rahm spent two years with a Chicago based private equity group and walked out with more than $10 million.  Harry Reid became rich while a Senator.  One term congressmen get paid 100% of salary as pension for life with full medical.  Really?

24 2 / 2013

Is it lost on people that the totalitarian instinct runs much stronger on the left than the right?  True conservatives want to be left alone, the left wants to impose their vision of society on everybody and they will seek the ends by any means.